OpenHouse HD Logo

Graphic Design

Our latest hire OpenHouse HD is a local based company that focuses on High-Definition virtual tours for realtors and individuals selling their homes. They provide state of the art walk-thrus in HD with commentary and professional editing that bring your home listings to life. Everyone has seen the lame slideshow virtual tours that companies use and half of the houses don’t get calls, but with a HD virtual walk-thru customers can truly see the value in your home and get a clear indication of what they will see when they arrive.

We were hired to design their logo, website and stationary for the company. The company wanted something clean and professional that symbolized their service and was easily recognizable. They suggested a mix of a word mark with a symbol that stood out and clearly indicated their real estate work. We jumped into this project quickly and it didn’t take long to come up with something we loved.

C.J. Ponzo Creative Director
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