Refund Policy

We will provide refunds if our services are unsatisfactory for reasons such as late proofs, lack of communication, concept issues, or other situations that are clearly our fault. In the case of a refund or cancellation we will charge a fee based on time spent on the project when a refund was requested. If you decide you no longer would like ours services before we provide you with a proof we will refund you your monies if we are at fault minus a 15% convenience fee. If we have already discussed a concept, sent over one or more proofs or final proofed for printing we will charge you a minimum of 50% before issuing a refund. There are exceptions to this policy again if due to negligence on our part.

Shipping Policy

All logos, advertisements, and digital files will be sent directly to you through e-mail either as an attachment or a link to download your files from our server. It’s strongly recommended that you purchase a $15 hard copy on DVD for backup purposes as data lose is always a concern for both you and us. All hard copies will be mailed through United States Postal Service with Delivery Confirmation. Jersey Designs will be sent directly to the printing company of your choice. If for some reason you need the design personally we will charge an additional fee if you want the layers unlocked. This is to prevent customers from editing our designs and claiming them as their own.

C.J. Ponzo Creative Director
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