Who is CP3 Designs?

CP3 Designs is Cecil County’s premiere design firm which focuses on taking your creative ideas, and bringing them to life. Our Designers have extensive experience in Web, Graphic, Logo, and Apparel Design services. We specialize in Paintball Designs as we got started with the Industry 8 years ago and continue to provide Apparel, and Graphic Design for some of the best teams, companies, and players in the world. We value our customers and believe that everyone should benefit from quality design work, and that’s why we provide the best quality and overall value. Located in Elkton, MD we’re right in the middle of Baltimore and Philadelphia and serve a wide radius of locations

Why Choose CP3 Designs?

At Cp3 Designs we believe that every organization and small business deserves branding that is innovative and cutting edge. Everything from your logo and business card design all the way up to your website and mobile app. We take tremendous pride in our work and value the relationships we build with clients who trust us with their image. With over 12 years of experience our designers will work with you to create something you can be proud of. Don’t settle for a free page builder or a logo built from a phone app. Take advantage of our affordable pricing and split payment structure to get your project started without having to worry about going broke.

According to statistics 65% of small business don’t have a website and most simply because they’re afraid of the process, the costs or the investment. That’s where we separate ourselves from our competition. We consult with each client individually and develop a plan for their project regardless of their knowledge or technical understanding of the process. Most small business owners are too busy to meet regularly or worry about the small details of their website and that’s why we make it easy with initial consultation and weekly e-mails with updates or questions about the project. With our experience we’re able to make sure you’re up to date on everything without overwhelming you with every question that could come up during the process. This allows you to focus on your business or organization while we work behind the scenes to create the masterpiece you envisioned.

We offer services that are affordable to budgets of all sizes, but spef

C.J. Ponzo Creative Director
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